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The “Working at the Intersection of Music & Identity"
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"Music constructs our sense of identity through the direct experiences it offers of the body, time, and sociability; experiences which enable us to place ourselves in imaginative cultural narratives"
-Simon Frith-


The 21st-century musician and educator must be adaptable, flexible, and aware and have the proper tools and resources to affirm the presence and being of all individuals they work with.

This curriculum explores the intersection of music and identity, specifically how music can transmit, transform, and subvert ideas about human identity through select reading and musical and extra-musical sources that address issues such as privilege, identity formation, and race. Students will use this curriculum to widen their musical and non-musical perspectives, aiding musicianship and pedagogy.  Students will develop their critical listening habits—that is, each student should be able to identify elements of music and why composers chose these features and be able to explain the basic concept of identity politics, what privilege is, where it can exist, and how it creates ideas about people, especially concerning music.

The format of this curriculum is broken up into courses or workshops, each having select readings, discussion questions, and measures of assessment for the teacher and the student, making it accessible for teachers of all levels to make use of the topics, readings, and assignments that fit the needs of their students.

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