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CWU Saxophone Studio

Saxophone study at CWU

Applied saxophone study at Central Washington University is designed to allow students to develop the highest level of musicianship, creativity, listening and performance skills, and pedagogical tools. Saxophone students will build their technical facility and develop their artistry in a welcoming and supportive community that embraces collaboration. Through a diverse array of solo, chamber, and ensemble experiences, students will have ample opportunity to refine and hone their performance skills to become the finest musicians.
As a teacher, I intend to be a model performer and knowledgeable technician of saxophone playing. I aim to communicate essential saxophone playing, music-making, and body awareness concepts, leading to healthy, expressive, and efficient saxophone playing and musicianship. My past and lived experiences, regular study, and communication with renowned educators and musicianship within the saxophone field and beyond all inform my teaching. Furthermore, I aim to provide students with skills that transfer beyond their instruments and musical education. These skill-sets include, but are not limited to, mental health awareness, stress management, time management, organizational tools, reasoning, and creative and critical thinking.
Music can reflect a way of thinking about the world and our experiences. It is essential that the students under my care continuously encounter new experiences by exploring diverse types of music and scholarship. I aim to affirm each student’s identity by ensuring they can engage with, see, and hear representations of themselves at every level of their study.

If you are a passionate musician and saxophonist looking to pursue a degree in music, please contact me at
 I look forward to connecting with you!

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