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are you interested in private saxophone lessons?

Private lessons involve one-on-one instruction, allowing students to focus on their musical and professional goals.  This focused study is one of the best ways to continue refining and growing performance skills. Within my studio, students develop the highest level of musicianship, creativity, listening skills, performance skills, and pedagogical tools.

The outset of each applied lesson involves establishing the students’ musical goals so that they receive the most out of their instruction. Mentorship, motivation, encouragement, reflection, and periodic check-ins regarding the student’s relationship to their instrument and musical growth are essential to my instruction. By the end of each lesson, each student should leave feeling musically motivated and with a deeper understanding and betterment than the previous lesson.

Private Lessons are available in-person, for those in or near the Ellensburg area, and online.

Interested in studying with me?

If you cannot financially afford the lesson rates, please contact me HERE to inquire about reduced lesson rate options. Private instruction should be available to all.

Saxophone Resources

Scale Proficiency
Articulation &
Tone Builder
Organize Your Practice Regimen
Practice or
Creativity Log
Courses Taught
MUS 164D-464D | Applied Saxophone Lessons
MUS 217D & 417D | Chamber Music
MUS 253D | Single Reed Methods
MUS 144 | Theory I
MUS 144A | Aural Skills I
MUS145 | Theory II
MUS 145A | Aural Skills II
MUS 146 | Theory III
MUS 146A | Aural Skills IV
MUS 244 | Theory IV
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