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Women of Color
in classical saxophone

About: Diversity, equity, and inclusion in any profession or field require that individuals feel a sense of belonging that a community can affirm and support their presence; this is essential for historically excluded, marginalized, and systemically unsupported individuals. This group aims to provide affirming community, networking opportunities, academic, professional, and research support, and ultimately, a space dedicated to the visibility and support of Women of Color artists. As the needs and the demands of the profession grow and expand, this group will, too,  grow and develop. As Audre Lorde stated, "There is no hierarchy of oppression," meaning that one person's fight is not more or less important than another. I foresee this group growing and expanding into a supportive community for all historically excluded, marginalized, and unsupported voices.
This group is active and looking for more WoC to join. The aim is that within 2024-2025,
this group will begin to host mentorship and networking sessions and be a place to workshop musical and research interests. As this group develops, the aim is to host networking and mentoring sessions and serve as a historical archive for all women of color in classical saxophone.
Format: The group will be virtual and hosted on Slack, Discord, or Microsoft Teams. Please fill out the Google form below for those interested in this group. 
If you are a woman of color classical saxophonist, please consider joining to broaden our network and visibility.

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