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Women of Color
in classical saxophone

My name is Dr. Kendra Wheeler, saxophone professor at Central Washington University. Representation is paramount to me as a Black woman in the classical saxophone field, as I did not have many examples. For all Women of Color classical saxophonists, I want to aid your ability to feel connected and heard.

The aim of this group is simple: affirmation, support, and community. Representation is critical to affirming and supporting all people's existence, particularly those historically excluded.

Please note that I do not intend to exclude anyone in this process; however, there has been a noticeable void in the presence and visibility of women of color in the saxophone field, especially the classical saxophone field. This group is one small attempt at combating that.
The group will be virtual and hosted on a platform such as Slack, Discord, or Microsoft Teams. Please fill out the Google form below for those interested in this group.

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